About Opus Print Case

ABOUT Opus Print Case:

We are OpusPrintCase and our mission is simple: to produce the finest, most protective museum-quality print cases there are – and to sell them directly to the end-user at the best price possible. We have been doing this for over thirty years and have built a reputation as a first-rank supplier to museums, galleries, archives, artists and photographers, and private collectors in Canada and beyond. Why you should buy from us: First and foremost, because of the quality of our cases. For nearly thirty years, we have focused on perfecting the museum-quality print case. The result is the superb quality of the cases we manufacture today. And secondly, because of the service and value you’ll get from us. Large orders for museums or a single case for the collector, standard sizes or custom – we handle them all as a matter of course. And at a price that is possible only by selling directly to you with no intermediaries.